Teambuilding at the Kraftalm with Martin Great

We spent a weekend with the whole team at the Kraftalm in the Tyrolean Alps!

"So a bit of team games, probably a lecture, lots of food and drink", you might think now when you read that we spent a weekend with the whole team at the Kraftalm in the Tyrolean Alps. And you're absolutely right - at least in part.
After all, it was more about being able to devote ourselves in a relaxed atmosphere - free from order processing, customer inquiries or work instructions - to the really important topics that are unfortunately often neglected in everyday working life:

- What can we be grateful for every day?
- Where do we want to be in one year? Where in five and where in ten?
- How do we deal more calmly with daily challenges?
- How do we want to communicate with each other? How to give feedback?

We worked intensively and with a lot of passion, heart and fun on the topics of leadership and teamwork. In the coming period, we want to take the ideas, visions and wishes we have collected, examine their feasibility and - if it makes sense and is possible - implement them. While many companies still unfortunately see customer satisfaction as their top priority, we have long been aware that employee satisfaction is at least as important. Because if they don't feel good, the good people are gone again faster than you would like. Qualified employees, however, are the greatest asset of any company!

And in a way, they are also something like family. Because where do you spend most of the day, arguing, making up and laughing together? That's right. At work.
And to make sure everyone likes it there, we do our best - and involve the entire team in shaping our corporate culture to make PMM strong for the future!
With the weekend at the Kraftalm we have taken an important step in this direction!

Many thanks to all who were there - first and foremost to our coach Martin Groß, who guided us, supported us and even more so motivated us and built us up again in those moments when we didn't know what to do! ☺️

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Thomas Schneidawind

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