Paul M. Müller

Why we are called that and what makes us tick.
It was a Friday afternoon in 1956 when Paul M. Müller was struck by a flash of inspiration in Straßlach near Munich. At that time, "Everyone does their own thing from one o'clock on Fridays" was not yet an issue. After all, someone had to drive the economic miracle forward! His idea was to import and preserve first-class food - first from the Far East, then also from the Mediterranean region. No sooner said than done - and a whole new culinary world opened up for the people of Munich.
And today?

As a medium-sized, independent import house at the highest level, we bring over 170 products to our international customers with a highly motivated, effective and (almost) always good-humored team of employees. Old fruit varieties and young vegetables, fish and delicatessen from all over the world. Processed and filled especially for us by selected producers. Always safely packed in classic tinplate cans, jars and polypropylene containers, especially protected in Pouch Packs, Tetra Paks and BiBs (Bag in Box) as well as in drums for the industry.

Short: We combine the enjoyment competence and performance of a big player with the personal closeness and passion of a family business: that's what our customers from gastronomy, industry and wholesale appreciate so much about PMM.
And on Fridays at one, meanwhile, of course, everyone does his!

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