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A good tomato year is in sight! Although the plants were delayed in Italy due to prolonged rainfall, the plants are now thriving thanks to the subsequent sunny and warm weather.
Who has already discovered our latest food news in their e-mail inbox? There are updates on tomatoes, pineapple, anchovies, corn, maple syrup and fruit from Greece.
The countdown is on: Our new market report will be published in a few days. We are currently researching and preparing the most important information in the sector.
In six hours - from the field to the can. Mummy - our partner of the month...
Olives, artichokes, tomatoes, figs, mandarins, peaches, apricots - the variety of products from Spain that we enjoy in this country is colorful. There is less joy in Catalonia...
We have something to celebrate: Joseph James Dy has been our new colleague in IT since January 2024 - and our reliable point of contact when it comes to all kinds of data and software.
It has been just under 100 days since the VAT on food in restaurants was increased from 7 to 19 percent. We spoke to Dr. Thomas Geppert about this topic.
Who has already discovered our latest food news in their e-mail inbox? They are packed with updates on tomatoes, pineapples and canned fruit.
Proven models, current developments and the future - Diana Uschkoreit, Managing Director of BellandVision, keeps an eye on all of this.
Who's celebrating the power of pulses with us - in keeping with today's Healthy Eating Day? Beans, chickpeas and the like are not only super tasty and versatile....
February is harvest time - at least when it comes to artichokes. They are currently being harvested in Spain, Peru and Egypt. That's why the tender artichoke hearts are our product of the month.
Happy Chinese New Year! Last Saturday was probably the most important Chinese holiday. In keeping with this, we are taking a virtual trip to China today.

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