May we introduce? DONNA ROSA - one of our company's top brands alongside ADRIA.

To the whole world

DONNA ROSA combines the best of all food worlds. Fun fact: this brand has significantly more languages on the label in order to meet the requirements for export.

Anchovy fillets

Little treasures: Anchovies are an important edible fish worldwide - especially as a pizza topping.

We offer them in sunflower oil in the classic briquette tin for bulk consumers.

Pizza sauce

Our pizza sauce is a perfectly strained and concentrated end product with 12/14 Brix for all pizza bakers.

It couldn't be easier (or quicker).


Open the can - take out the tuna.

The fine pieces are perfectly coated in vegetable oil so that they retain their aroma, texture and taste for many years.

Peeled tomatoes

Real all-rounders: peeled tomatoes are suitable for pizza, pasta and strong sauces for fish and meat dishes.

Easy handling, maximum taste, typically Italian.

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