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What makes Adria

Paul M. Müller is hiring new employees, we're growing online, PMM is launching new brands and products on the shelf, and we've even made a cool new movie about us, or rather our motto, what ADRIA is all about!

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On the conveyor belt ...

... our popular Passata di Pomodoro is currently produced. In Italy, of course, with the best sun-ripened Italian tomatoes. We are not setting a world record, but the assembly lines are running at full speed to ensure that our ADRIA fans from all over the world are supplied with the best products again as soon as possible.

Exchange of blows

Who are Fabian and Thomas, anyway? "We make sure things run smoothly at Paul M. Müller," they say. Pretty cocky in front of the camera. It's best to see for yourself what they mean by that.
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