Anyone who means, likes or makes the best processed food knows Paul M. Müller and our brands - perhaps for decades.
With modular services, we bring our and your goods to the place where they are well and gladly bought, enjoyed or sensibly processed.
Or would you like to let a new food idea shine on the market? Well then go ahead, we are here for that too.

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FRUIT CONSERVATIVES: Sometimes too hot, sometimes too cold / PINEAPPLE: Prices are rising / TOMATOES: No price trends so far / FRIEND OF THE MONTH: Joseph James Dy / LOGISTICS UP TO DATE: Easter is just a week away!
SPECIES: Too hot, too dry / TUNFISH: Freight costs and FAD ban weigh heavily / SARDELLES: Small, precious and hard to find / SUEZ CHANNEL: Impact on global logistics
DUNSTAPFELSTÜCKE: Competition in the market / OLIVES: Highs and lows / MANDARINS: Lower prices / EVERY YEAR AGAIN: Logistics planning / VAT: Back to 19 percent


What's going on

A good tomato year is in sight! Although the plants were delayed in Italy due to prolonged rainfall, the plants are now thriving thanks to the subsequent sunny and warm weather.
Who has already discovered our latest food news in their e-mail inbox? There are updates on tomatoes, pineapple, anchovies, corn, maple syrup and fruit from Greece.
The countdown is on: Our new market report will be published in a few days. We are currently researching and preparing the most important information in the sector.
In six hours - from the field to the can. Mummy - our partner of the month...

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Many of our products can be found in gastronomy and in well-stocked retail stores.

Market report by mail

We provide you with fresh industry news and informative interviews - just enter your name and e-mail address and click "Subscribe"!


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