Anyone who means, likes or makes the best processed food knows Paul M. Müller and our brands - perhaps for decades.
With modular services, we bring our and your goods to the place where they are well and gladly bought, enjoyed or sensibly processed.
Or would you like to let a new food idea shine on the market? Well then go ahead, we are here for that too.

Paul M. Müller

since 1956
Quality food import

From all over the world

The import of canned fruit, vegetables, fish and meat is our world. Our satisfied customers include wholesalers and retailers as well as trading partners of the food industry. As a medium-sized and group-independent import house at the highest level, we have expanded our activities beyond the German borders for the last 10 years and the export sector is gaining more and more importance.

Quality management

The products are produced by selected manufacturers under our brands. The high and above all consistent quality standard is continuously controlled by our own laboratory. Systematic incoming and outgoing controls and batch-related certificates of our quality assurance guarantee this high standard. In addition, a neutral, sworn chemical testing laboratory routinely carries out product inspections.

We only do what we do best

Where we like to get it for you
How we guarantee only the best
Why everything is connected with everything
What we let your food idea shine with


Your goods are in the best hands at all times

With our logistics team, we handle the transportation of your goods from the country of origin to your doorstep.

Due to the close contact with our transport partners, we can also respond to individual customer requests. Good and fast service is important to us. We look after you competently, directly and with commitment.

In this way, we also maintain the high level of logistics that is typical for Paul M. Müller.


What's going on

Celebrations should be celebrated as they fall: Today is International Italian Cuisine Day - and we're here because we love dolce vita.
ADRIA - that sounds like sun, summer and sea. ADRIA - but also top food with high reliability, good taste and always new ideas.

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Brand world

Many of our products can be found in gastronomy and in well-stocked retail stores.

Market report by mail

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In Person

you can reach us Monday - Friday from 7:30 - 17:00.