Tomatoes Know How

Paul M. Müller's popular product guide celebrates its birthday: More than a year ago, we launched PMM College - with great success and popularity! And today we present PMM College No. 10 - our Tomato Special!

"Tomatoes on the eyes? No. Adriatic in the blood." Our heart beats for tomatoes. That's where our know-how comes from. That's what we call real tomato love. Because we have ADRIA in our blood. A top theme for all seasons and for all lovers of this delicacy in the kitchen.

But what actually are peeled tomatoes? Where do they come from? And how are they produced, what are they best used for? What is behind tomato pulp, polpa fine or salsa pronta? Well, you probably don't want to have tomatoes on your eyes either, you want the full picture. That's why we share our passion and pass on our know-how.

By the way, good canned tomatoes are usually even superior to fresh fruit. For the can, the tomatoes are harvested as ripe as possible, at least for the quality product, and processed immediately. The flavor, vitamins and juicy fruitiness are preserved for a long time. The only question that remains is how to use the various products optimally in the kitchen. The following slide show provides a quick overview. For more information on the production process, technical details and detailed application possibilities, read our exclusive Tomato special.

Our expert

Thomas Schneidawind

Managing director, Contact person for Beans, capers, peppers, hot peppers and tomato products

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