Fruit of the month Vincenz Herrmann

Vincenz Herrmann is a trained wholesale and export merchant and has been part of the team since January 1, 2023. Here he introduces himself in more detail.

Vincenz, what does your day-to-day work look like?

In the morning, I start the day full of energy - with a good cup of coffee on my desk, I immediately read the first emails. I also check the sales inbox for new orders and work through them. At the moment, my focus is on sales. That's how I'm getting to know all the products better and better. During the lunch break, by the way, we often cook together.

What are your highlights so far?

Firstly, the great team, the atmosphere and the communication among each other. In terms of content, I find everything related to import and export very exciting. I get a lot of insights here that I wouldn't necessarily have as a customer. For example, the fishing times for tuna, when pineapples are harvested, and of course how products are transported by rail or truck or shipped in containers.

And what are you looking forward to?

I've already learned so much about can sizes, familiarized myself with article numbers, and helped calculate prices. Eve Florence Gölz and I also learned a lot about the production and preservation of canned products at a training course run by the Warenverein. Now I'm looking forward to working more and more independently and with more confidence -so actually to everything that the future holds in store.

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Thomas Schneidawind

Managing director, Contact person for Beans, capers, peppers, hot peppers and tomato products

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