PMM College - Part 6 Open cans ...

Our new product guide for trainees, professionals and anyone interested. This time we ask: How long do the contents of a canned good last once opened? PMM College clarifies.

Our ADRIA canned goods are tempting - they simply taste too good. But what if you couldn't resist and opened too many of them? No problem! We advise you to transfer the unused contents from the can into a clean and sealable container, preferably with the infusion, if available. This way, the remaining contents cannot discolor or dry out, and the delicious product remains fresh, aromatic, and has a shelf life of 1 - 2 days. What is left over, therefore, does not have to be disposed of immediately - that would be a waste. However, we recommend a quick processing in the kitchen.
Unused canned food should be decanted after opening, in any case stored in a cool place and consumed within a maximum of two days.

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Thomas Schneidawind

Managing director, Contact person for Beans, capers, peppers, hot peppers and tomato products

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