PMM College - Part 7 The can sizes....

Our new product information for trainees, professionals and all interested parties. This time it's about the different can sizes. Those who know the ropes have a clear advantage.

Briquette can, universal can, 30 oz, 580 ml or 3100 ml ... there are countless different international designations for the size, intended use and content quantity of cans - it's easy to get confused. It's a tricky thing when the customer asks. We at PMM College are can professionals and would like to share our knowledge with you. That's why we've summarized all the important sizes and designations in this overview. For example, our common universal size for fruit and vegetable cans is 2650 ml. In other units of measure, this corresponds to a 3/1 or a 3 kg can or 93.5 oz can or an A9 container. Got it? With Paul M. Müller's exclusive can overview, you have everything in view.

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Thomas Schneidawind

Managing director, Contact person for Beans, capers, peppers, hot peppers and tomato products

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