Paul M. Müller at UNISPED

Please enter: A visit to our central warehouse at UNISPED in Hamburg was recently on the agenda. Our valuable imported goods from all over the world are stored in the "sacred halls".

Everything PMM holds dear, for our customers and fans. Our employees Sarah Weitzbrich, Eve Florence Gölz, Martina Schulke and Samuel Märten (pictured) clearly enjoyed their visit to the Waterkant and were seriously impressed when they paid a visit to PMM's stockist UNISPED. "Quite beautiful a lot of manual labor is still involved when the containers are unloaded," said Sarah. Everyone had many questions about the goods movement process and wanted to try out the forklift. No problem at UNISPED. Paul M. Müller shows his offspring everything about business, where there is only possible is.  

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Thomas Schneidawind

Managing director, Contact person for Beans, capers, peppers, hot peppers and tomato products

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