IFS certification passed successfully

With letter and seal: Paul M. Müller recently successfully passed his audit for IFS certification at Higher Level.

It is clear that the two managing directors Thomas Schneidawind and Helmut Fabian Kretschmer are proud of their team - and especially Sonja Urban and Oliver Munz from Quality Assurance (QA). Because: The IFS-Broker certificate officially confirms that all appropriate measures have been taken to raise the requirements for product safety and quality to the highest level. We talked to Sonja about the audit. 

Sonja, congratulations on the IFS certificate. What are the biggest challenges to get the IFS certificate? 

 The topic is very complex because all activities of a company are considered. From company management and policy, to customers, suppliers and quality management. 

What does that mean in concrete terms? 

We in QA could not handle the issue alone. We need the support of the management and every single department to fulfill all the points. Everyone has to work side by side - there's no point in recommending and specifying certain suppliers if our colleagues in the other departments don't follow suit.  

How does such an audit work? 

Once you are certified for the first time, the audit takes place every year - otherwise you would lose the certification again. There is an audit period - in cooperation with TÜV Süd. A date is set for us with the auditor. The audit lasts a whole day, during which things are queried and documents are checked, etc. By the way, it is not easy to get an auditor to come to the company, because many companies are very interested in being certified - or even have to be certified if they want to supply to the retail trade.  

So now it's time to take a deep breath? 

No, you have to work very well 365 days a year to maintain the level. Every year there are new requirements that you have to meet. We get help from an external consulting firm that tells us where we need to develop, where we need to lend a hand, and what we need to improve. It's constant work, we can't let gaps get in the way. 

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