Fruit of the month Isabella Di Pinto

Very funny - so molto divertente. That's how Isabella Di Pinto, who works in logistics with us, describes herself. And it's true: Working with her is always fun. Here she introduces herself in more detail.

Isabella, what do you do at PMM? 

I work in logistics as an interface to purchasing and sales. That means I take care of how the products are transported and organize the trucks, rail trucks and sea freight for this. As a result, I speak a lot of English - but sometimes also Italian or Spanish. 

Why did you choose PMM? 

Because of many small things that made the difference for me from the beginning. For example, the website, where I had a positive impression right away. I also received a warm welcome at the interview - there was even a personal welcome on a board in the room. And as an Italian, I love good food. So my head, heart and stomach all voted YES when it came to the decision. Now I'm here! 

And how did the training go? 

Really well. I'm enjoying working in a team again after my last job and supporting each other. For example, I work closely with my colleagues from purchasing and sales. My heart was right with its first impression: the atmosphere is great. Not just when we're working, by the way. We also regularly cook for each other during the lunch break and all eat together. 

Great, we are happy to have you on board - good luck! 


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