Canning Day

You can’t get more canned than this: Today is International Canning Day. This wonderful invention is exactly 211 years old and “incredibly practical”. Often enough, canned food has been underestimated, sometimes ridiculed. In pandemic times, we were and are glad that there are (enough) tins on the shelves. After all, over 2 billion canned goods find their way to the end consumer every year. To ensure that this goes smoothly, specialists like us, Paul M. Müller, are there. Our know-how as an international importer of canned foods for over 65 years ensures availability and quality. During Corona, many people rediscovered the advantages of the tin can.

By the way: the term conserve (from Latin: conservare) means to make durable. So canning has nothing to do with preservatives. The preservation of the airtight metal cans is done by heating, which kills microorganisms. A distinction is made between two processes: When heating up to 100 °C, it is called pasteurising; when heating above 100 °C, it is called sterilising. PMM’s ADRIA products are usually commercially sterile preserves – so-called “full preserves” in technical jargon – that offer a shelf life of up to three years from production. Also good to know:

Tin cans can be recycled almost infinitely and, with a recycling rate in Germany of over 90 %, beat glass and paper by miles. So: Congratulations cans and even more information in our PMM Special cans.