"Plants are sensitive living creatures."

-Moiz Hemsi
As in any relationship, its permanence is only revealed in crisis. That's why we visited our long-time partner in Turkey, Hemsi Limited (Izmir), in the spring. And that is why we are currently asking owner and industry professional Moiz Hemsi how the situation has developed so far - in the country and for the experienced producer and exporter of agricultural goods himself. Read the exciting answers and views here.

Mr. Hemsi, due to the explosive circumstances, economically and politically, we must first ask: Can you guarantee the supply of raw goods – such as bell peppers, hot peppers, tomatoes and capers - in the next season?

Moiz Hemsi
Yes! Thanks to the expansion of contracted plantings and the promotion and support of growers. In the 2022 planting/decision period, the cost of growing tomatoes and peppers doubled to tripled. Alternative crops, especially cotton, promised high yields. For that reason, many farmers had switched to growing cotton and reduced planting of tomatoes and peppers. Now, at harvest time, farmers are disappointed with cotton prices falling again and satisfied with the yields from peppers and tomatoes. For the coming season, I can already say that the market will take this into account and increase the cultivation of peppers and tomatoes.

Do you expect any shifts in supply or prices?

As I said, I expect increased planting of tomatoes and peppers. As a result, prices may fall, but not sharply, as farmers need to cover their costs. Unfortunately, the cost of growing vegetables has continued to rise. However, I hope that the cost factors will decrease again, which would have a positive impact on the overall price level.

How do you deal with the unrestrained inflation in Turkey?

When inflation was local, i.e. only in Turkey, it was easier because the devaluation of the Turkish lira compensated for inflation. That doesn't work now, because the current inflation is a global problem. I'm afraid we have no other option but to increase productivity and lower profit margins to compensate for the increase caused by global inflation.

What impacts do you feel from the climate change?

Climate change poses the most serious and unpredictable threat to all who work in the agricultural sector. Farms are roofless factories and plants are sensitive living creatures. Any unusual weather conditions will affect crops and therefore yields.

In difficult times, partnerships between supplier and importer have to prove their worth. How do you view the long-standing cooperation with Paul M. Müller? Do you have any special wishes?

It is very important to have a loyal partner in such difficult times. We are pleased about the longstanding cooperation with Paul M. Müller and would like to further expand the cooperation. Last Word: One hand washes the other and both hands wash the face...

Thank you very much for the open conversation.

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