“You can’t prepare 120 lunches just like that!”

-Lutz Sperr
The two hotel lovers Edeltraut and Lutz Sperr are owners and operators of the vacation paradise "Senhoog" on Sylt (houses) as well as in the Austrian mountain idyll Leogang (chalet). The roots of the family entrepreneurs (since 1978), however, lie in Rechenberg in western Germany, where the full-blooded gastronomes have also built up an impressive hotel and event world. The Rössle country inn located there is known beyond the borders for its delicious food. Especially in these challenging times, Lutz Sperr must be able to rely on the best ingredients, says the professional chef in an interview with PMM.

Paul M. Müller
Mr. Sperr, you love to serve your guests, so the ingredients have to be right and taste good. Why did you choose the ready-made tomato sauce Salsa Pronta from ADRIA-Premium at Gasthof Rössle?

Lutz Sperr:
Honestly, I think the product is just great. I open it up and it tastes good. For example, I want to make something vegetarian. So I prepare a vegetable strudel, make the Salsa Pronta hot and let it thicken briefly. It tastes exactly like a tomato sauce that I cooked myself. In terms of taste, it is very well balanced - you do not even need to add salt.

But don't you like to cook your own tomato sauce?

This is usually even cheaper, of course. We used to cook our own tomato sauce, then freeze it as a 2-kilo package and give it out when we needed it. Now we open the salsa pronta cans when things get stressful - it makes it easier. I use them for all sorts of things and cook them all over the place. Even when I have other tomato cans available.

For example?

When I prepare lasagna, for example, or recently also for dressing a Bolognese sauce with meat from own slaughtering, I cook that with Salsa Pronta. I order the cans from Paul M. Müller through a wholesaler from the service association, and I can use them for so many things, which is really great. You can count on it.

What do you associate with the name "Salsa Pronta"?

Actually nothing! It was like this: I got the cans to test, opened and tasted them. It was delicious! It's as simple as that. The name per se is not a motive for me to buy something. I had a chance to try the product and it tasted good. That's it!

That's what a contemporary convenience product should be, right?

Yes, and this one is also high-quality. I was wondering, if I cooked the tomato sauce myself, would it be better? Probably not. For us, it's brilliant. In stressful situations, when three cooks are down, I'm grateful to have something to help. I'm sure the guest will enjoy it.

At what moment did you appreciate the product the most?

Definitely during the Corona pandemic and when many employees are missing. But that shouldn't stop you from doing a good job in the kitchen. However, serving 120 lunches at the highest level - you can't do that just like that.

Thank you for the interview.

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