Trust is good, double check much better.

What good is the best quality if you can't always rely on it? Consistent quality is the magic word that our customers from the food service and retail sectors value so much appreciate. That's why the products made by selected manufacturers are more to us than just valuable foodstuffs and people far more than partners. These are our most important success factors.
Tested several times better delivers what we promise.
That's why we check our goods for freshness, labeling, cleanliness and taste at all logistics stages - from goods receipt and storage to transport. And to top it off for even more safety, we have our products regularly cross-checked by accredited testing institutes.
The result: Our - and thus your - goods are always of consistently first-class quality. Brand quality is important to us. To ensure the impeccable quality and safety of our food and its delivery at all times, we are affiliated with various certifications and labeling systems (e.g. IFS Broker, BIO, Dolphin-Safe).

Any questions? Gladly at any time: Sonja Urban, Quality Assurance, Phone +49 89 613868-33, qa@paulmmueller.com

Certifications and quality seals

EU Organic Regulation

If our packaged foods fulfil the strict standards of EU legislation on organic farming, they are labelled with the EU organic logo. Independent inspectors regularly check all processing steps along the value chain - including our processes at Paul M. Müller.

Click here for our current EU organic certificate.

IFS Broker Certificate

The IFS Broker certificate officially confirms that we take all necessary measures to guarantee product safety and quality at the highest level. This is exactly what all of us at Paul M. Müller work on every day. Our colleagues in quality assurance in particular do a fantastic job.

Click here for our current IFS broker certificate.

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