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We make brands that taste like more than just.

An idea is only good when it has been realized. That's old hat, of course, but - especially in the food sector - easier said than done. If you have a food idea or need one, it's best to ask someone who knows: us.
Inner (and outer) values matter.
Because we have already successfully brought many food brands to our customers' shelves and refrigeration systems, we know what it takes: For example, the best industry contacts and our modularly deployable dream team of procurement, quality and logistics. But that's not enough.
Attractive packaging design is also needed to ensure that your contents not only taste good, but also look good. You know: Before the palate is pleased, the eye chooses and enjoys. And at best, your new food product also tells an emotional story! We can do that, too.

The result: Food brands that deliver on the inside what they promise on the outside. Whether in cans, jars, canisters or bags. The best example is ADRIA, our flagship brand. But our other own and third-party products also show that we are the food brand makers - and we'd be happy to do it for you, too.

Any questions? Gladly at any time: Thomas Schneidawind, Managing Director, Phone +49 89 613868-20,

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