Trend Food Jackfruit ...

When trendy food meets convenience, the result is, for example, the finest BBQ jackfruit burgers or tasty jackfruit goulash. Whether in classic gastronomy, canteens, catering or delivery services – there are virtually no limits to the cook’s fantasy. The possibilities range from very hearty to super sweet.
We have the ingredients: young organic jackfruit from JACKY F. Paul M. Müller offers this tropical super fruit in its program from now on. Jackfruit is eaten in ripe and unripe state. The young fruits have the consistency of chicken meat and taste like mild artichokes.
The ripe fruits are recommended as a dessert, in cakes or as a sweet snack. Thanks to its fibrous consistency, the largest tree fruit in the world is wonderfully suitable as a plant-based alternative to meat and meat substitutes. It is a vegan, high-quality source of fiber with few calories, fat and sugar.
Jacky F.’s young organic jackfruit comes from Sri Lanka, and is transported to Europe by ship. It is available in different textures (tender and soft to firm and compact). This is precisely what allows the fruit pieces to be used in so many different and varied ways in the professional kitchen.
The proof of the pudding is in the eating! Go here to order.


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