Red-Green for Gourmets

Everyone wants red-green! We have liked this combination for a long time and have stocked up on the necessary gourmet products right away: with green and red pesto from Citres and additionally with our sun-dried dark red tomatoes from ADRIA.

All products are made from the best ingredients: Pesto alla Genovese with basil and matured Parmesan cheese, among others. The Pesto Rosso is refined with dried tomatoes, double concentrated tomato paste as well as Parmesan and Pecorino cheese. Careful production preserves the fresh taste and colours of the ingredients. Our dried, dark red tomatoes from ADRIA are preserved in sunflower oil and refined in an Italian way with wine vinegar, salt and spices.

But best of all: we work with professional products only for experts. The two pesto sauces and the ADRIA tomatoes are in indestructible cans made of polypropylene (PP). This means there is no more glass breakage in the kitchen. The innovative PP packaging with screw lid resists any chaos. And boredom is certainly not an issue with this colour combination. We tried it out in the ADRIA kitchen and were busy cooking. The products go wonderfully with pasta and are recommended for Mediterranean starters or as sandwiches. So, off to the kitchen we went. You can read about the delicious results (and the corresponding recipes) here. And: Of course, we also want to show you the new production of our sundried tomatoes. The production lines have just started. Everything is super fresh and ready for cooking.