Always these biscuits ...

It really does exist: Today, 16 July, is “Deep Fried Corn Biscuit Day” worldwide. So we are about to present a great recipe – of course made from the best ADRIA vegetable maize. And we’ll tell you more about the history of maize, the different types of maize and how to grow your own. But first we’ll take care of the enjoyment: How about a party or a restaurant event to which dear friends are invited and deep-fried maize biscuits are presented? All pandemic compliant, of course. You can offer the delicious biscuits as a main course, as a side dish with fish or meat or as a dessert – refined with honey, fruit or cream, for example. By the way: The origin of this delicious snack lies in the southern states of the USA. There are different variations, baked or fried, some as big as a pizza or as small bites for in between.

Here is our summer recipe (takes just under 1/2 hour) for four people:
Approx. 170 g corn kernels in drained weight, 60 g flour, 2 eggs, grated cheese, salt/pepper and vegetable fat for frying.

– Drain the maize from the ADRIA tin.
– Whisk the eggs/flour until it becomes a nice batter.
– Add the corn and any corn water and a pinch of salt/pepper.
– Heat the fat in the pan and pour the batter into the pan in small portions and press flat.
– Immediately add the grated cheese and cook on both sides over a medium heat until golden brown.
– Serve hot straight from the pan. There are no limits to your imagination when it comes to sweet or savoury garnishes.